Unknown Moth with long front legs is Litter Moth

Subject: weird moth
Location: central Kentucky
September 3, 2012 12:34 pm
Not sure what this is. Has weird wings and praying mantis type hands.
Signature: Jason

Unknown Moth

Hi Jason,
We agree that this is a moth, but it is not something we recognize, nor do we ever recall seeing a similar looking moth.  We are going to post your letter immediately in the hopes that one of our readers can steer us in the right direction, and we are also going to contact Eric Eaton for assistance.

Eric Eaton Responds
I recognize it, but I can’t find another example, either 🙁

Ed. Note:  We also requested assistance from Julian Donahue.

Hi James,
The webmaster for What’s That Bug? sent me this noctuid photo, but I don’t have access to the collection (nor my brain cells). It’s familiar, but I hesitate to guess it’s identity; don’t even know if it’s considered a noctuid or erebid these days?
Thanks for your help,
Julian (you can reply directly to Daniel Marlos, and he’ll post your ID and comments on the website)

James Adams provides an identification
Hey guys,
This is almost undoubtedly Palthis asopialis, though the low lighting and low resolution make it difficult to be sure.  The only other possibility would be Palthis angulalis.
HOpe this helps.
James K. Adams
Professor of Biology, Dalton State College

Dear James and Julian,
Wow, we actually considered the Litter Moths, but the front legs on the individuals on BugGuide did not look as long as the legs on the individual in the photograph submitted to What’s That Bug?  Thanks for the identification James.

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