Unknown Moth from India is Blue Tiger, Dysphania percota

What is this?
March 25, 2011
Dear Bugman !
I found this interesting moth last night..
Its colours are quite attractive and rare… thought this might be a good addition to wtb
Thanks and regards….
Ibrahim TMC

What's That Moth??? Blue Tiger

Hi Ibrahim,
We don’t know what it is, but we expect that Karl will soon be writing in with an identification.  Was it diurnal or nocturnal?

Update: Identified as Blue Tiger in a comment
The Blue Tiger,
Dysphania percota, is one of the Geometrid Moths and not a true Tiger Moth.  When lttlechkn provided us with a comment and identification link, we found additional verification on the Forestry Images website.  There is also a photo of a mounted specimen on AZs Lepidoptera page.

2 thoughts on “Unknown Moth from India is Blue Tiger, Dysphania percota”

    • Thanks lttlechkn,
      You appear to have nailed this ID correctly. We are going to modify the posting and provide additional links.


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