what type of moth is this
Location: Noordhoek Cape Town
September 28, 2011 1:14 pm
i saw this moth during the day , and again the next morning in the same spot. Very sunny and warm day.
Signature: RocketGirl12

Equine Maiden

Dear RocketGirl12,
We suspect this may take more time to research than we have this morning, so we are posting your photo as an unidentified moth and we hope our readership will come to our assistance today, our longest and busiest work day of the week.

Karl provides an identification
Unknown Moth from Cape Town
Hi Daniel and RocketGirl12:
Your moth is in the genus Thyretes, probably T. hippotes. It belongs to the Superfamily Noctuoidea and is variously assigned to the Family Thyretidae, Arctiidae, Erebidae or Notodontidae. This sort of taxonomic confusion is not uncommon (particularly online). Arctiidae appears to be the most common but I couldn’t determine if there is a current consensus. It is another one of those African Maiden Moths (Ctenuchinae), specifically the Equine Maiden.  Regards. Karl

Thanks Karl. As always, your research is greatly appreciated.

Location: Africa

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