Green Blotched Moth from Australia

Green-patterned Aussie moth
April 29, 2010
Hello! I have a rather lovely moth for you to look at, and I hope you have better luck identifying it than I have!
I’m writing for a friend who lives somewhere in the southeastern portion of Queensland, Australia who discovered this little moth sitting on her computer screen. She was kind enough to send me a photo since I’m typically pretty good at tracking down an identification. This time, I’ve come up empty handed. 🙁
Any help solving the mystery would be much appreciated!
An inquiring mind
southeast Queensland, Australia

Unknown Moth

We haven’t the time to research this moth this morning since we must leave for work, but we will post it in the hope that our readership might have some luck.  We would probably start the daunting task of identification by looking through the Owlet Moths in the family Noctuidae on the Australian Moth Website.

Thanks for the site link! A quick browse over it and I believe our mystery moth is an aptly named green blotched moth, cosmodes elegans. What a cute little fellow!

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