eggs on a tomato leaf
Location: Canterbury, NH, USA
August 22, 2011 10:52 am
I live in New Hampshire in the US. Today in my greenhouse I found an array of tiny pinkish-tan eggs laid on top of a plum tomato leaf. I have never seen these before – the color is wrong for squash bug eggs and as I said, they were on the top of the leaf at the top of the plant. Anyone know what laid these? I put the leaf in a jar to see what hatches, but I garden organically and like to practice preventive care, so if I can take some preemptive action soon if they’re bad guys, I’d love to.
Signature: Hilnel

Whose Eggs are These???

Dear Hilnel,
We believe these are Moth Eggs, but we are not certain of the species.  The two species of
Manduca typically associated with tomatoes, Tomato Hornworm and Tobacco Hornworm, lay green eggs singly on leaves.  This is something else.  We found a blurry photo on Our Engineered Garden that looks similar, but they are not identified.  We would really love to know what you have.  Would you consider allowing them to hatch in a confined location and then photographing the critters when they emerge?  We would love a followup report as we continue to research this.

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3 Responses to Unknown (Moth?) Eggs on Tomato Leaf

  1. Sam says:

    I’m in southern BC and just found these on my Nandina. Any more info? I’d share the photo here if I could.

  2. Sara Mcgee says:

    I’m in Nashville Tennessee and I found this on my tomato plant. Any more info?

  3. Happy Frog says:

    Did anyone ever get an id on these? I’m finding similar eggs on tomato plants here in Texas.

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