Correction: Tumbling Flower Beetle

Black & White Bug
July 14, 2010
These photos were taken at around 5:20PM in Northeastern Ohio (Strongsville to be exact) on July 14th.
Lindsay Blaha
Strongsville, OH

Tumbling Flower Beetle

Hi Lindsay,
We did a quick search of the family Buprestidae on BugGuide in an attempt to quickly identify your Metallic Wood Boring Beetle.  We did not have any luck, and this will require a more thorough search.  We are posting your letter to see if any of our readers can identify your Metallic Wood Boring Beetle.  It appears your specimen is a female judging by the pointed ovipositor at the tail end of her abdomen.

Ed Note:  Correction
Mardikavana wrote in with a comment correcting our identification.  This species,
Hoshihananomia octopunctata, is actually one of the Tumbling Flower Beetles and there is more information available on BugGuide.

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