Unknown Mantis from India

Subject: stick-like insect
Location: Bangalore, India
February 23, 2015 10:28 pm
I saw this insect sitting on my window when I woke up. It was on 26th June, 2014.
It has its eyes bulging out, it’s body is pretty long (about 7-10 centimetres) and has a scary mouth.
Signature: Akhil


Hi Akhil,
Your insect is a Mantis or Mantid, but we are not certain of the species.  Mantids are beneficial predators.


Hey Daniel,
Thanks for the reply.
You say it’s mantis or mantid. Well even I thought it was one. But the images on Google show that mantis have 6 legs (in which two seem like they’re praying). And also their heads are small. But this insect I saw doesn’t have that praying legs and also its head is huge. It’s mouth is like no other insect’s. It’s hard to say it’s a mantis.
Thank you,

Hi again Akhil,
Your images are not optimal, but take a look at the closeup image.  We believe you are mistaking the raptorial front legs with their toothed, almost serrated edges as a mouth.  The front legs are being held out in front of the head with its huge, bulging eyes.  Though your individual lacks the protuberance on top of the head that this Indian Rose Mantis pictured on the FineArtAmerica site possesses, but you can still see how the contours of the head can be partially obscured by the front legs.

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