Help with an ID on this spider please
Hello and greetings from Malaysia. Fabulous site, I find it extremely handy when I need to ID some spider shots I’ve snapped. I was strolling around my house and saw an interesting looking web high up the pine trees. Grabbed the ladder and snapped this guy. He/she is about 1.5cm wide, and is gold, black and white in color. Initially thought it was some sort of garden orb weaver, but I’ve yet to come across a sample resembling this one. Some have told me it could even be a new species, which would be extremely cool if that was the case. Thanks lots, looking forward to a reply.

Hi Izuan,
We do not recognize your amazing looking spider, which is definitely one of the Orb Weavers. Not only is the spider unusual, the stabilimentum portion of the web is unlike any we have seen. Perhaps one of our readers has time to research this beauty.

Update: (06/10/2007)
I tried to ID the Unkknown [sic] Malaysian Orbweaver (04/18/2007) but I was not able to get very far with it. However, I wanted to let Izuan know that there is a book which he might find very helpful: An Introduction to the Spiders of South East Asia, With Notes on All the Genera, by Frances and John Murphy, 2000. Malaysian Nature Society, P.O. Box 10750, 50724 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The book is 625 pages with a bunch of color plates, and yet it only costs US $34! What a deal! I think you can order it directly from the Malaysian Nature Society. Their website with detailed contact info is at:

Thanks for the link Susan. When we coyly posted the comment about one of our readers identifying this specimen, we were thinking of you and were very sad when you didn’t write back at the time. We have also corrected the typographical error.

Update:  February 24, 2013
Thanks to a comment from Chun Xing Wong, we now know that this Orbweaver is
Neogea nocticolor, and since this was posted many years ago, there are additional photos and information available on the internet, including this Nature Love You page.

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  1. You don’t have to go through all those trouble.
    This is a Neogea nocticolor.
    The web of these spiders are always decorated with spiral and circular patterns.
    Fun fact: This spider has a “trapdoor” in the center of it’s web, enabling it travel to the other side of the web within a fraction of a second. I am currently studying the secret of it’s “backdoor”. Oh, don’t worry about that book, I will try to acquire it since I am partly a member of that society.

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