Longicorn from Peru

Big Prionid-like Longhorn
December 19, 2009
Found this guy on the same hike as the assassin bug. About the same size as a prionid but with longer curving antennae. Very cool Coleopterid.
About two hours downstream from Iquitos, Peru

Unknown Longicorn from Amazon
Longicorn from Amazon

Hi again Sebastian,
This Longicorn is not a Prionid, but rather, it is in one of the other Cerambycidae subfamilies, perhaps Lamiinae.  We hope to get you a species identification on this beauty.  We attempted to search the Cerambycids of Brazil website, but after going through about a third of the possibilities in the subfamily, we decided to take a nap.

Update from Karl
I believe the subfamily is Cerambycinae (tribe Cerambycini), but it gets difficult after that. If you look at the ‘Cerambycidae de Guyane’ website you get an idea of some of the generic paths this could go down. All things considered, I would probably go with Jupoata as the genus and rufipennis as the species. It looks about right, is large, common and widespread (Mexico to northern Argentina). However, it could also be J. costalimai, or one of several other similar species. If you are looking on the Cerambycids of Brazil website, you will find this genus filed under the older name Brasilianus, which has subsequently been redistributed among several genera. Regards.

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