Unknown Leaf Beetle Pupae

what kind of bug is this,,
Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 11:23 PM
he indonesians call it an siapi-api (siapi-Fire). It is found on Coffee trees, And on leaves that are not touched by sun, when you turn it up, and bring the leaf to sun, they change the shape into something like dead bugs.
Left picture is when they are not touched by the sun. Right picture is their shape when I turn up the leaf.
Though their size only few millimeters, but if you touch them, i don’t think you will be ashamed to cry. Really hurts like burning.
Thank you, Raymond A. Abbott

Leaf Beetle Larvae
Leaf Beetle Larvae

Hi Raymond,
You provided us with so much information, we thought this would be an easier identification for us. We spent a bit of time scouring the internet with no luck. Knowing the host plant and the location is great information, but our initial presumption that these are Leaf Beetle Larvae in the family Chrysomelidae cannot be verified. Many Leaf Beetle Larvae, including the Tortoise Beetles, have spines similar to the examples in your photos. Perhaps one or our readers with more time will have better luck with an accurate identification.

Correction: From Eric Eaton
The recent post of unknown leaf beetle larvae actually shows leaf beetle PUPAE, each encased in the last, shed, larval “skin.”  I can’t deduce which of the leaf beetle subfamilies this is, either, though I would bet on something related to the Colorado potato beetle.

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