Subject: Is this some kind of termite?
Location: Eastern Pennsylvania
October 6, 2012 8:17 am
This is my second asking, as I did not receive an answer to my first request, and although I’ve quite a lot of looking at BugGuide and searching with google, I can’t figure out what this is. I’ve become concerned that it may be some kind of termite.
We found it on the carpet in our apartment in eastern Pennsylvania.
Signature: Rob

Unknown Larva

Hi Rob,
We apologize for the delay. Our tiny staff tries to respond to as many requests as possible, but we can never fully fulfill the demands of our readership.  This is NOT a termite.  It is the larval form of some insect, most likely a Beetle, but we need to do additional research.  Hopefully we will eventually be able to provide an identification since larvae are often notoriously difficult to identify to the species level.

Thanks for getting back to me.  I’m glad to hear it isn’t a termite.

Update:  15 October 2012
Thanks to a comment from one of our readers, we are confident this is a Soldier Beetle Larva as it looks nearly identical to this photo posted to BugGuide.

Location: Pennsylvania

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  1. Jacob H says:

    Looks like it might be a larval soldier beetle (Cantharidae) of some kind. The two spots on the little fellow’s head may be a distinguishing mark, but the only photos I’m finding right now of similar specimens are unidentified. Maybe someone else could find something more specific on it. . .

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