Unknown Jewel Beetle from California

Subject:  Large egg-laying beetle on fallen tree
Geographic location of the bug:  Pollock Pines, California
Date: 06/20/2018
Time: 07:49 PM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Bugman, I spotted this large-ish beetle on a fallen tree, sticking its ovipositor in crevices in the wood.  What is this bug?
How you want your letter signed:  John

Jewel Beetle

Dear John,
This is a Metallic Borer Beetle or Jewel Beetle in the family Buprestidae, but we are not having any luck determining a species for you.  Do you know what type of tree you sighted it upon?

Hi, Daniel.
Sorry, I wouldn’t have known the tree type but I do have footage of the beetle probing about the wood.Metallic Borer or Jewel beetle – are they bad?
I ask because this photo was taken at a lake where hundreds of dead trees have been cut down apparently due to a beetle invasion
Thanks all the same.
I looked about for the beetle responsible for tree deaths at the local lake. It’s a bark beetle.
Although the beetle’s destruction of trees may not be a terrible thing?
Hello again John,
You are correct.  The Bark Beetles are responsible for the tree die-off.  Jewel Beetles have larvae that bore in wood, but they are rarely numerous enough to create a problem. 

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