Unknown Insects found dead on windowsill might be Termite Alates

Subject: Almost looks like a Jerusalem cricket?
Location: Los Angeles , ca
March 3, 2013 8:08 pm
Found these lil guys on my windowsill.. They were covered in sticky goo and all dead.. Was wondering what they were ? Just found them today so early march 🙂 thank you !!
Signature: Cillie

What died on the window sill?
What died on the windowsill?  Termite Alates

Dear Cillie,
We agree that these do look like miniature Jerusalem Crickets or Potato Bugs, but we don’t understand how they found their way to your windowsill.  Was this home windowsill or a garage windowsill?  Perhaps one of our readers will be able to help us solve this mystery.  Perhaps they hatched from some potted plant.  We would not discount that they might be Ants.

Termite Alates
Termite Alates

Nope not a potted plant or garage.. Third story up from ground level in my house. All sorts of critters work there way in here.. A lot of co existing.. Haha.. Thank you for responding! I’m just so curious.. Never seen anything like that. Thanks again!
Oh wild.. I just saw your bio and live in happy valley,  el sereno… Next hill over from you.. So same terrain 🙂

Eric Eaton provides a possibility
They look to me like winged termites, albeit severely mangled…Maybe drywood termites, especially given the location on the window sill.


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  1. Can´t they be half-rotten cockroach nymphs? Even of Periplaneta americana? They roughly match the colour of dry nymphs (although lacking antennae) and that would explain why there are so many together. A lost old ootheca nearby might confirm the mistery.

    • Since Cockroaches and Termites are actually closely related, you might be correct, however, we agree with Eric Eaton that their location on a windowsill strongly supports the Termite Alates identification.


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