Immature Cockroach from Hawaii

Unidentified Bathroom Bug
February 16, 2010
I found this critter in my second floor bathroom. It has what I thought was a distinctive white-brown-white, H shaped marking on its backside that I thought would make it easy for me to identify. I have searched but I still have no idea what it is. I tried to get better photos, but the ones I have are a bit blurry because he kept trying to escape. Any info would be appreciated.
Bob in HI
Oahu, Hawaii

Immature Cockroach

Hi Bob,
This is an immature Cockroach, though we are not certain if it is a species that infests homes.

Immature Cockroach

Karl may have found the answer
Hi Daniel and Bob:
It looks like Balta notulata (Blattodea: Blattellidae), although there appears to be more extensive black on the pronotum. This is a very wide ranging cockroach, found throughout Asia and the Pacific Islands. I suspect it is not native to Hawaii but I was unable to find out where it originally comes from. There is one other species of Balta in Hawaii, the Wood Cockroach (B. similis) that may be a native species, but I couldn’t find any nymph photos. The Wood Cockroach is an outdoor cockroach that occasionally finds its way indoors, while B. notulata is considered an indoor species. I would say it is one of the two. Regards.

Eric Eaton disagrees
I’m about 99% positive this is a nymph of the Brown-banded cockroach, Supella longipalpa.  They like to live inside electrical appliances because of the warmth.  They are definitely a global domestic pest species.  No exterminators may be necessary, though.  Do-it-yourself, non-toxic bait recipes can be found online, especially at various “.edu” websites that discuss cockroach control.

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