Scentless Plant Bug nymphs on Rose of Sharon

Need some assistance
We found these “nasties” on our Rose of Sharon in Hernando, Mississippi. We spent sometime looking on the Web for an Identification on them but cannot seem to find a good resource for identification. Can you please help? There seems to be two different species, or a young and adult in this photo. Thank you so much for your assistance and if you could direct me in how to remove them from my plant life as it is not helping the leaves and buds on the Rose of Sharon.
By the way we loved your site!
Bryan Howard

Hi Bryan,
You have Hemipterans, both the winged adult and nymph. These are True Bugs, related to Stink Bugs. Despite the conspicuous marking, we cannot find a good exact identification in any of our sources.

Update (05/29/2006)
We now know this is Niesthrea louisianica, a Scentless Plant Bug that is found on Rose of Sharon.

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