Unknown: Hemipteran is in family Derbidae

I love this website
Thanks for past & future ID’s. This insect no bigger than 3rd of an inch on the side of my car at my farm in Brown Co, OH 06-17=07. No person or book has been able to tell me yet.
Mary Jo White

Hi Mary Jo,
We believe this is some species of Psillid or some other Hemipteran. We have contacted Eric Eaton and have confidence he will be able to assist in the identification.

Hi, Daniel:
Happy holidays to you, too! The insect in the image is a plant bug in the family Derbidae, and the genus Anotia. Might be the species Anotia bonnetii, with images on the Bugguide website, but I’m certainly no expert in that obscure family:-) I can’t even tell you anything about their biology, sorry. Very nice image submitted to you, though.

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