Unknown Hemipteran from Singapore is Plant Bug

Assassin Bug? (Maybe?)
Location: Singapore
February 18, 2011 9:10 am
I need an ID on this bug. =/
Signature: Crystal

Plant Bug

Dear Crystal,
Upon first opening your images, our initial impression was that this was a pinned specimen because of the unusual protuberance jutting from the thorax.  This is surely an interesting looking Hemipteran, but we are not yet prepared to classify it as an Assassin Bug.  It has extremely long antennae and thanks to your side view, the piercing and sucking mouthparts that help to distinguish Hemipterans from the members of other insect orders are plainly evident.  We have numerous errands to run this morning and we haven’t the time to research this identification at this time, but we want to post your excellent images in the hope that one of our readers may recognize this distinctive True Bug.

Hi Daniel and Crystal:
It looks like a Plant Bug (Miridae) in the genus Helopeltis, possibly  H. theivora. Regards.  Karl

Hi Karl,
What a treat to return from errands to find that you had identified this unusual Plant Bug.

Wow cool! Thanks a lot for the ID!

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