Ground Beetle from China

Metallic Ground Beetle From China
May 3, 2011
Hello Bugman,
I spotted this beautiful baby on a bug hike last week. She (or he) was running, quickly, along a dry, concrete drainage ditch around 2:30 in the afternoon. The area where I was hiking is right at sea level. My guess is it’s some kind of ground beetle; a caterpillar hunter, maybe. But I am having trouble narrowing it down to species, especially because there seem to be very few online insect ID resources for amateurs for China and Eastern Asia. And, for obvious reasons, my Kaufman guide to North American insects can only take me so far. I would very much appreciate any help you can give. I did look through the Carabidae of the World website but did not have much luck. Thank you so much!
Marian Lyman

Ground Beetle

Hi Marian,
You are positively correct that this exquisite little metallic beauty is a Ground Beetle.  Your photos have exactly the kind of details that should enable an expert with the correct resources to key it out to genus or even species level.  Maybe Mardikavana will be able to assist us with this identification.

Ground Beetle

This beauty is most likely Carabus lafossei or some related species.

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