Possibly Golden Headed Weevil from Alabama

Subject: mystery bug
Location: unknown
February 15, 2016 5:26 pm
I work at a grocery store. This bug was found on a door near where we were unpacking plants for the floral department today. We get flowers from Florida, Mexico, Costa Rica, locally (Alabama), and some boxes aren’t labeled. We aren’t sure where he came from or what box he got out of. Sorry we couldnt be more help.
Signature: Rachel from Winn-Dixie

Green Weevil
Golden Headed Weevil, perhaps

Dear Rachel,
This is some species of Weevil in the superfamily Curculionoidea and we believe it is a Broad Nosed Weevil in the subfamily Entiminae which is well represented on BugGuide, a site that is devoted to North American sightings.  We do not believe this is a native species, but we are not certain.  We will contact Eric Eaton for a second opinion, but since flowers may come from many parts of the world, including Columbia and Australia, it may be difficult to get a conclusive ID.  We are going to tag this posting as an Invasive Exotic until we learn otherwise.

Eric Eaton Concurs
I would agree that this is probably a foreign species, maybe in the genus Compsus, but I can’t be positive.  As a result, I don’t have any links to provide, either.

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    • Hi Cesar,
      The newly submitted Weevil looks very much like the Weevil in the link you provided, and Karl believed that one to be in the genus Compsus, which is the same genus that Eric Eaton supplied for us. The individuals on BugGuide look different than either of the two images submitted to us.

  1. Oxyderces viridipes (Boheman, 1840)

    Lots of recent records of this Colombian species across the USA on iNaturalist. Seems to be being brought in with cut flowers.


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