Unknown Green Scarab Beetle from Mexico

Subject:  Electric Green Beetle
Geographic location of the bug:  Cozumel Mexico
Date: 10/02/2018
Time: 10:38 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Hey guys!
I found this little guy (he’s one inch long from his face to his back end) on the sidewalk and was wondering what he is exactly.
I’ve never seen one so vibrant in person before.
How you want your letter signed:  Aaron Edgar

Unknown Scarab Beetle

Dear Aaron,
We have been trying intermittently, to identify your green Scarab Beetle for days, but the best we can do at this time is provide you with the family Scarabaeidae.  Though it superficially resembles the Green Fruit Beetle or Figeater, we do not believe your individual is in the same genus,
Cotinis.  Perhaps one of our readers will have better luck than we have had.

Unknown Scarab Beetle

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