Immature Elegant Grasshoppers from Swaziland

Location: Swaziland, Africa
January 21, 2012 1:35 pm
I found this (but many other too…) grasshopper in Swaziland, while visiting the Hlane Park.
It looks like an Elegant Grasshopper, but the colours are slightly different.
Could you help me in identify it?
Thanks and all the best,
Signature: Luigi

Unknown Grasshopper is immature Elegant Grasshopper

Dear Luigi,
We do not believe this is an Elegant Grasshopper, but none of our initial research has turned up an identification.  We are posting your photo as unidentified in the hopes we will be able to provide something more specific at a later date.

Thanks Daniel,
maybe it’s a juvenile… it didn’t seem to be rare: some days before I found a whole branch of a tree full with them (I have pics, if you’re interested)
Anyways, let’s keep searching!
All the best,

Hi Again Luigi,
We are inclined to think it is different species.  Send more photos if you have time.

Elegant Grasshopper Nymphs

Hi Luigi,
Interestingly, when we web searched the common name Elegant Grasshopper and Africa instead of the scientific name
Zonocerus elegans, we quickly found this online pdf of Pests of Field Crops in Southern Africathat pictures the immature Elegant Grasshopper, and it is a perfect match to your photos.  It seems your original hunch was correct after all.  It seems it will feed on a large variety of cultivated crops including cotton, soy beans and fruit trees.  Thanks for sending your additional photos.

Elegant Grasshopper Nymphs


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