Unknown Fulgorid Planthopper from Panama

Giant Panamanian Leafhopper
Merry Christmas! I know it is the holiday and all, but your website has been like a Christmas present to me. So many beautiful, weird, and interesting things! And I greatly appreciate the attitude of enjoying them simply for their own sake, and not destroying them. Attached is a photo I took along the Pipeline Road in November 2007. It is about 2-inches long and looks like a leafhopper to me. It had this fuzzy stuff trailing along that appeared to be attached to the abdomen. Odd bug. Any ideas? Thanks!
Allen Chartier

Hi again Allen,
This is one of the wax producing Fulgorid Planthoppers in the family Fulgoridae. Sorry we are unable to exactly identify the species. We received another example of this species from Costa Rica in February of this year, but were unable to properly identify it.

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