Cactus Fly from Philippines

Weird fly from the Philippines (2)
December 27, 2009
Dear Bugman,
What’s this bug?
I saw this guy on the outer wall of our house. At first I though it was some kind of assassin bug, but then I realized it must be some strange kind of fly! I had never seen its kind before.
Could you let me know what it is?… Thanks!
Luzon, Philippines

Unknown Fly
Cactus Fly

Dear Kulisap,
We do not recognize this fly and we will post its image in the hopes that one of our readers may be able to provide a response.  If you post a comment to the posting, you will be informed automatically if someone writes to us in the distant future.  Your photos are quite good, and we hope we get a proper identification, at least to the family level.

Unknown Fly
Cactus Fly

Update:  December 30, 2009
After some searching I think I was able to identify this critter… it seems to be a type of cactus fly (Neriidae).
I also found this link:
Thanks again for the reply!

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