Stiletto Fly from Israel

Location: israel
April 2, 2011 5:09 pm
what this bus
Signature: shimi eni

Stiletto Fly from Israel

Dear shimi eni,
Your bus is a Fly and we do not recognize the Fly.  We would like additional information before we attempt this identification.

Update: a few minutes later.
There are some beautiful Flies on the Diptera-Israel Insect World webpage, but nothing like this creature.

Identification Courtesy of Karl
April 8, 2011
Hi Daniel and shimi eni:
Someday, perhaps I will be able to take macro shots as nice as this one. It’s a Stiletto Fly (Therevidae),  Xestomyzina aureostriata. As far as I can tell, the species has a very limited range and is perhaps endemic to Israel alone. I could find no other information regarding this particular species but Therevid flies generally prefer arid or semi-arid habitats. The larvae are typically soil dwellers that predate other soil invertebrates, particularly beetle larvae. Most adults feed on flower nectar.  You can also check out additional photos here and here. Regards. Karl

Thanks so much for providing this information Karl.  We have created a new subcategory just to house this awesome Stiletto Fly.

ERRATA:  October 16, 2011 9:06 PM.
This is not a bus.  This is a bug.

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