What’s that (this) bug?
I’ve searched the Internet and have not been able to identify this beetle. I would appreciate your assistance in correctly identifying this insect. I found it in Tucson, Arizona early in the morning on July 8, 2006 on its back struggling to right itself. As my "fee" for rescuing it from death by baking in the Arizona sunshine, I moved it to a shadier location and took its picture.
Sam Rua
(I grant you permission to post this image on your web site)

Hi Sam,
A quick search of the Fruit and Flower Scarabs, Subfamily Cetoniinae, on BugGuide did not produce a match. Since Eric Eaton lives in Arizona, he will probably be able to identify the species. Check back with the website where we will post his answer. Here is what Eric wrote: “Daniel: You are right, but I don’t recognize it. I ‘never’ find the cool bugs here:-( Please try: Carl Olson at the U of A. He may well know it: Eric”

Update: (07/07/2008)
In the process of looking up images of cetoniines, I came across a photo on the What’s that bug website: Unknown Flower Scarab (07/08/2006) This is Euphoria fascifera, a species that apparently is associated with packrat burrows. One of our most attractive and distinctive US scarabs.
Doug Yanega

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