Subject: Can you help me Id?
Location: Honesdale, PA (Northeastern, PA)
April 8, 2017 6:56 pm
I moved to northeastern PA in December. Our snow finally melted and I decided to go out to explore today. I found a shell of a bug that I can’t seem to find an identity for. It looks like it had a stinger on the end. I haven’t successfully found what this bug may have been.
Please help!
Thank you!
Signature: Laura

Naiad Exuvia

Please provide additional information.  What size and what type of habitat?

Thank you for your reply.  This was found on a bridge above a creek.  It is about 1.5 inches from eyes to the end of it’s tail.
Thank you,
Thanks for the additional information Laura.
This is the exuvia or cast-off exoskeleton of an aquatic nymph or naiad, but we are not certain of its exact identity.  Because of the look of the antennae, our hunch is that it might be the Exuvia of a Stonefly Naiad in the order Plecoptera, perhaps something similar to the naiad in this BugGuide image.
Location: Honesdale, Pennsylvania

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