Florida Leatherleaf Slug Eggs

Slug or Snail Eggs, Maybe Not?
October 25, 2009
Dear Bug Man,
I’m pretty sure these are not bug eggs, but I am confident you can help ID these things.
I discovered this cluch of eggs under a pile of wet and decaying wood.
Thanks for the help,
W. Matthews
San Antonio, TX

Amphibian Eggs perhaps???
Amphibian Eggs perhaps???

Hi W. Matthews,
We agree they are not insect eggs, and we would also probably discount snail or slug eggs.  We believe they may be Amphibian Eggs, though it is also possible they are some type of fungus or mushroom.  Hopefully one of our readers may supply an answer.

Update:  June 1, 2014
We stand corrected.  Thanks to a new inquiry following a comment from W. Parks, we have learned that this is an egg clutch of the Florida Leatherleaf Slug,
Leidyula floridana.

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  1. we found the exact same eggs but with a slug-like creature wrapped around it. It appears to be a slug, only it seems more like a leech. It was found in Houston, TX underneath a piece of lawn furniture in the dirt. It has eyes that come out like a slug, but the dorsal side seems drier than its underside.


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