Immature Katydid from Belize is Dried Leaf Mimic

Subject: Coolest Bug we’ve Ever Seen! (Belize)
Location: Belize
January 26, 2015 8:35 pm
We found this beauty on a leaf in the subtropical forest in late March in Belize in 2014. Forest was about a half hour drive SE of Belmopan.
We’d love to know what this insect (assuming it’s an insect) is and learn more about it!
Signature: Julia, Emily and Kai

Unknown Dried Leaf Mimic Bug
Unknown Dried Leaf Mimic Bug

Dear Julia, Emily and Kai,
Have you any additional images of this amazing dried leaf mimic bug?  They might help in identification, and higher resolution images are fine to submit.  It is very difficult to make out the morphology of this individual from this camera angle.  It appears that legs are held together and antennae are held together.  We cannot even decide how to classify it, but we suspect it is either a Free Living Hemipteran or a species of Katydid.  We are posting it as unidentified and as we are rushed this morning and haven’t the time to research it right now, perhaps one of our readers will have some clue.  We are also going to try to contact Piotr Naskrecki to get some assistance.

Piotr Naskrecki identifies Katydid Nymph
Hi Daniel,
This is a young nymph of Mimetica sp. (Tettigoniidae: Pseudophyllinae) in the characteristic position they assume during the day.

Thanks so much Piotr.  A nymph.  So what looks like wings is some other feature?

Nymphs of Mimetica and several related genera have large, leaf-like lobes on the 1-3 dorsal terga (see attached photo). These disappear in adult insects.

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