Unknown Dragonfly from Florida

Dragonfly in Central Florida
Location: Central Florida
February 6, 2012 11:28 am
I found this dragonfly (two photos of two different dragonflies that I believe are the same species) in Central Florida. I believe at least one is from Orlando Wetlands Park, just East of Orlando.
Signature: Scott

Unknown Dragonfly

Dear Scott,
The past two mornings we have looked at your lovely photographs and alas, since we needed to get to work, we hadn’t the time to attempt an identification.  Long work hours have prohibited us from doing the research in the evenings.  We have decided to just post your letter and photographs as an unidentified Dragonfly in the hopes one of our readers can take the time to identify the species.  Dragonflies pose a particular challenge for our unscientifically trained staff.

Unknown Dragonfly


8 thoughts on “Unknown Dragonfly from Florida”

  1. It seems to me that these images matches with the dragonflies in these pictures, but the page http://www.notesfromtheroad.com/about/dragonflies.html calls it Yellow-sided Skimmer (Libellula flavida) , while this one http://www.thehibbitts.net/troy/photo/odonata/7-10_June_2010.htm calls it Golden-winged Skimmer (Libellula auripennis). Yellow-sided Skimmer is in a little list below, but the photo’s name is golden-winged.skimmer, it seems to be a mystake for me.
    So, L flavida seems to be very close, I just can’t see the darker coloration in the tip of the wings.

  2. Yes, it’s definitely a Golden-winged Skimmer (Libellula auripennis). She’s very graceful and numerous where I live~~in the Southeast. I’ve photographed them many, many times.

  3. At work today in Scottsmore, FL. I observed an all dark red dragonfly. I’ve never seen one like it before. Are they common in this area?


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