Unknown Dead Leaf Mimic Moth

leaf bug??
Location: southwest ohio
July 8, 2011 11:10 pm
this was hanging around the front porch light, around 11 pm est. looks like it should be a leaf bug, dont know if they have fuzzy legs though. it was small, less than half an inch
Signature: bibef

Unknown Moth

Dear bibef,
Other than knowing that this is a Moth, we haven’t a clue as to the family, much less the species.  This is going to take considerable research on our part as we have no clue where to begin to search.  Perhaps one of our readers will be able to assist in the research.  Keep tuned to our website for any future updates.  This moth, which we suspect will not be confused with any other species once it is identified, is a very effective dead leaf mimic, however, we could not locate it on this Conservation Report webpage dedicated to creatures that mimic leaves.

Unknown Moth

Update: Boxwood Leaftier Moth
ID for July 8’s “Unknown Dead Leaf Mimic Moth”
July 12, 2011 11:36 pm
Graham Montgomery and Corey Husic at BugGuide identify this moth as probably being the Boxwood Leaftier, Galasa nigrinodis (#5552 on the Hodges list); see http://bugguide.net/node/view/544549. The BugGuide images of this species certainly make it seem like a good match!
Signature: W. Randy Hoffman

Ed. NOte: Here is the BugGuide link to the Boxwood Leaftier Moth.

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