Unknown Darkling Beetle from Belize

Subject:  Interesting Tenebrionid that needs an ID…
Geographic location of the bug:  Belize, Central America
Date: 12/16/2017
Time: 11:36 PM EDT
Hi bugman! In August 2017, we collected this beautiful Tenebrionid in Central Belize in the Northern Maya Mountains. Elevation at this site is about 700-ft and it is primarily Tropical Broadleaf Forest. I thought I would put it up on your site to see if anyone may have an ID for it or at least some direction we could go for an ID. And yes, we did have a collecting permit from Belize plus a 3-177 from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for the collections. Thank you very much.
How you want your letter signed:  David Wyatt

Unknown Darkling Beetle

Dear David,
We are posting your Darkling Beetle image as requested.  This is sure a brightly colored Darkling Beetle.  We hope you are able to eventually get a correct identification.

Thank you very much Daniel.
I too hope that someone might have an idea…not too many Tenebrionids have this kind of coloring.  It’s rapidly turned into one of my favorite beetles that we’ve captured in Belize.  We are working on a project to develop a virtual collection of insects of Belize and have so far had four bioblitzes (entomology) down there and brought back to the University of California Davis over 200,000 specimens.  An exciting project.
Thanks again.
Dave Wyatt

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