Subject: Trinidad Moth
Location: ASA Wright Nature Centre, Trinidad
April 18, 2015 10:56 am
Thought this would be an easy one but am coming up short.
Signature: Steve nanz


Snout Moth

Dear Steve,
The illusion of a curled dead leaf that this Moth creates is magnificent.  Even the antennae look like the petiole of the leaf.  We will continue to research its identity, and we hope our readership may assist in the matter. 


Snout Moth

Location: Trinidad

4 Responses to “Curled Leaf” mimic Moth from Trinidad is Arbinia todilla

  1. Ben says:

    I could be wrong, but those look more like palps than antennae to me… I think I can see the antennae back flat against the body…

    • Steve Nanz says:

      Yes, those are the labial palpi. I should have mentioned that when I took the shot I assumed this was something in Erebidae in or near Herminiinae. Compare with Google images of [i]Palthis[/i]. There are however examples in Pyralidae, subfamily Chrysauginae, which are similar. I am wondering if it may be something close to [i]Tamyra ignitalis[/i].

  2. Steve Nanz says:

    Arbinia todilla, subfamily Chrysauginae – det. Matthew Cock. I was pretty close.

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