Unknown Cockroach Nymph from Costa Rica

“Stitch”-like bug, cockroach nymph?
September 10, 2009
Hi Bugman-
First I have to say that the buzz my weevil picture generated is pretty cool. Costa Rica really has some amazing bugs!
I’ve been searching like crazy since my Costa Rican honeymoon for the identification of this prehistoric/alien looking bug. As far as I can tell, it’s a cockroach nymph of some sort. With three months of searching, I’ve found nothing.
We found him in our hotel room, the same night I saw the green glitter and wood carved weevil. He was crawling across the floor minding his own business. His antennae were rather odd in that they had a white section from which protruded an extension. It looked as though he was using one antennae to “smell” the air and the other to feel the ground. I picked him up with some paper to place him on the patio, and he was super fast…and stubborn. He got in one more time…and then stayed out…I think. His markings are beautiful, and if I could have kept him as a pet I would have. Do you have any idea what he might be? If he is a cockroach, I hope his grown up version is as pretty as the nymph version.
bug fan (djrianna)
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Cockroach Nymph from Costa Rica
Cockroach Nymph from Costa Rica

Dear bug fan,
We agree that this is an immature Cockroach, but we would add that it is one of the most attractive Cockroaches we have ever seen.  We will post your photo and try to research the species at a later date, but perhaps a reader will write in with an identification.

Assistance from Karl
September 16, 2009
Hi Daniel:
This really is a handsome cockroach. I believe it is in the Family Blattellidae; Subfamily Nyctiborinae. Based on the shape of the antennae (thickened at the base and bristle-like at the tip) I would further suggest that it is in the Genus Nyctibora, of which there are at least three species in Costa Rica. I had little luck finding any useful descriptions or illustrations of the Costa Rican species, but it looks very similar to a Nyctibora nymph from Bolivia pictured on the Blattodea Culture Group website. Regards.

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