Unknown Caterpillar from South Africa stings person: Virginia Ctenucha Falsly Accused!!!

Ed. Note:  Please do not submit images of similar insects from the internet with identification requests without informing us of the origin of the images.  That wastes our time and the time of our readers.

Subject: A caterpillar that I think is poisonous
Location: Pretoria, South Africa
April 3, 2014 1:28 am
This specific caterpillar has sent me to hospital. I was at school when it had stung me when I had seen it there were no hairs on it. It made my face swell and my left arm doctors say it is not a allergic reaction. Could you please tell me if this caterpillar is poisonous?
Signature: M.Ismail

Stinging Caterpillar
Virginia Ctenucha Caterpillar image from BugGuide

Dear M. Ismail,
Our initial attempts to identify this stinging Moth Caterpillar did not produce any results.  We are posting your image and awaiting input from our readership.  There are many caterpillars that have utricating hairs that can produce a reaction in sensitive humans, and the skin of the face is especially sensitive.

Ed. Note:  Virginia Ctenucha image pilfered from BugGuide!!!
It seems this image was lifted from BugGuide, probably unintentionally, by the M. Ismail in an attempt to identify a different stinging caterpillar in South Africa.  Rather than submitting an original image, we were misled when we were not informed that this image was not taken by the person who wrote the request.  We apologize for any confusion this has caused.

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