Unknown Caterpillar from The Philippines

Subject: Large hairy caterpillar
Location: Mindanao Philippines
March 27, 2017 5:42 pm
Hi! We found this caterpillar in our yard today. No one here has ever seen one before. I’m guessing it is a garden tiger caterpillar but wanted to know what you think. Thanks!
Signature: Candy Dalton

Possibly Noctuoid Caterpillar

Dear Candy,
Thanks so much for including your hand as scale.  That is one large hairy caterpillar.  We believe it is a member of the superfamily Noctuoidea, probably in the family Erebidae which includes Tiger Moths, or the Owlet family Noctuidae.  We have not had any luck finding any matching images online.  Perhaps one of our readers will like to take up this challenge.

Possibly Noctuoid Caterpillar

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  1. Hello we also saw like this caterpillar on our parking lot todAy. Im not that sure if its like this. Wer from Mindanao also.thanks!


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