Unknown Caterpillar eats Aloe in South Africa

Subject: Caterpillar
Location: Cape Town, South Africa
January 12, 2014 2:52 am
Please help me identify this caterpillar. I have an aloe type plant in my garden which these caterpillars have destroyed.
Signature: D Nash

Aloe-Eating Caterpillar
Aloe-Eating Caterpillars

Dear D Nash,
Our initial attempts to identify this Aloe devouring Caterpillar by using our typical methods did not prove fruitful.  We always state that knowing the food plant is a tremendous assistance in insect identification, but “aloe eating caterpillar South Africa” turned up nothing for us.  These might be Tussock Moth Caterpillars, so that is our next avenue of research.  We will let you know if we discover anything.  We are certain they are Moth Caterpillars, but beyond that, we don’t know.

Aloe-Eating Caterpillars
Aloe-Eating Caterpillars

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