Unknown “bugs” found in bed and resulting behavior

Subject: losing sleep…
Location: shells in the corner of the bed tucked well under the natural fold of the seem. Actual bugs, basically on my pillow…
February 3, 2014 2:18 am
Hi, so about two weeks ago i went to the school really late to send our resumes got back and started to drift to sleep when i saw this small black worm (less then one cm) quickly crawling accross my pillow. I caught it in the werid vial thing (sry hard to see) and immediatly laundried my sheets (at 6am) vaccummed, i left the window open to well below freezing temps to hope to kill anything this may have come from. I did a google and thought it may have been carpet beetle larvae despite it was black…. i did find a small kinda hairy shell, the second picture. Well i thought it was all taken care of cause i didnt find anything else, except tonight, about week and a bit more later i did the same thing, went to the school late came and and woke up to a werid small fruit fly type bug (didnt fly) running next to my pillow!!!! same thing did the clean and inspection and found another shell in third picture, in the corner of the bed, however this shell looks slightly differen t… and this time it was more of a faint colored bug , mixed or light brown and not a worm. Is it possible this is the same thing and i may be under a infestation of sorts!!? or is it possible the school is just dirty and im bringing these home, or is it just normal to find the occasional bug especially if ur awake at night and live in a small apartment. . . ??? also good info to have… my neighbor upstairs used to be a crack dealer before he was arrested/kicked out. despite him i am very clean and my messiest area (garbage closet lol) is farthest from the bed and has no bugs!!! also i have zero bites…. i really hope i just am a bug-o-phobe!!
Signature: sincerely, sleep deprived.

Bug in Vial
Bug in Vial

Dear sincerely, sleep deprived,
Your sleep deprivation is beginning to negatively affect your ability to construct cohesive sentences, so we would urge you to seek some assistance on your campus before this has negative ramifications on your education.  Your photos lack the type of clarity that will enable us to make any reliable identifications.  We have no knowledge of the sanitation practices at your unnamed school.  We are happy to hear that the crack dealer has been evicted.  It is nearly impossible to keep insects from entering a home and the presence of a few benign bugs is no reflection on the cleanliness of an individual.  In our opinion, you seem to be overreacting to this situation.  If you want to further alleviate your anxiety, you can try taking the “bugs” you have collected to the science department at your school or to a local natural history museum to have them identified.  Another option would be to provide us with higher quality images.

"small kinda hairy shell"
“small kinda hairy shell”
"another shell"
“another shell”

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  1. I have little bugs they appear on bed but not bed bugs they have bitten me feel like her stings only cold water baths get them off can be seen in water fire burns them but bug sprays and foggers do little to nothing when winter this year came they wrapped up in fus balls my mom and I watched one I took off a bra I haddent used for awhile I threw in toolkit water it swam to edge and attached to side I flushed just enough to make it get back in water and we watched it after water calmed again go to side and attached to surfave


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