Unknown Borer Beetle is Calloides nobilis var. mormonus

Found in Utah mountains near Park City
Could you help identify this guy? The closest thing on your site that looks like it is a locust beetle. Any help you can give is appreciated! Thanks,

Hi Linda,
Your observation that your beetle resembles a Locust Borer is a good one as they are in the same family of Long Horned Borers, Cerambycidae. We do not recognize your particular beetle, and a quick search of BugGuide did not produce an answer for us. We have decided to post your photo as an Unidentified Borer, and hope that either a reader can provide an answer, or that Eric Eaton will know the answer. The markings and the black thorax on your specimen are quite distincitve.

Update: (08/01/2008) Unknown Borer Beetle
Hi there,
The black and yellow “Unknown Borer Beetle” posted on your main page 07/31/08 is probably Utah native, Calloides nobilis var. mormonus. Here is a reference with photo here (Smithsonian) . Cheers,
J.D. Roberts
BugGuide Profile

Confirmation: (08/01/2008) Forwarded by Eric Eaton
It isCalloides nobilis mormonus Schaeffer
M.C. Thomas, Ph.D.
FloridaStateCollection of Arthropods

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