Unknown Borer Beetle from India is Mango Tree Borer

Take me to your Leader! — Big beetle from Kerala, India
This thing was HUGE! Antennae at least 4″ across, and the body about 3″ long, or more. Maybe bigger. The column width of the magazine in the background is 4″. Searched all 14 pages of your “Beetle Files” (talk about an inordinate fondness!), didn’t see anything resembling it. Rural India, 40 km SW (appx) of Cochin, surrounded by mango and papaya trees. Too tired to write a snappy note, just wanted to pass the pictures on and maybe get an ID. Can send hi-res, but I think this should be sufficient for one email. (!) I’ve cropped these. Let me know if you need more detail, or better pictures. Field guide looks cool. I’ve added it to my wish-list! Thanks and Best Regards,

Hi Jim,
After a bit of internet research, we are no closer to an answer than before we began. We know this is a Borer Beetle in the family Cerambycidae, probably in the subfamily Prioninae. Perhaps one of our readers can provide a species name for this interesting beetle with distinctive markings and white scutellum, the little triangle at the front of the elytra or wing covers.

Update: 905/06/2008)
Actually, turns out I was right about the Indian longhorn. It is most likely a specimen of Batocera rufomaculata.

Thanks Eric,
We have found that the common name is the Mango Tree Borer.

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