Subject: Seed like things in drawer
Location: central MA
December 10, 2014 9:49 am
Recently I noticed the bottom drawer of my desk was sticking and little hard black seed like things were falling out to the floor when I opened it. Today I pulled the whole drawer out and found it was loaded with these seeds in the runner area of the drawer. They are black, hard, and fairly circular. They do not look like mouse droppings to me. Any ideas?
Signature: Danielle

Unknown Black Pellets

Unknown Black Pellets

Dear Danielle,
We do not believe these are mouse droppings, and interestingly, we just posted a nearly identical identification request from Connecticut
We do not believe they are either eggs or seeds.  Our best guess is Termite Pellets at this time, but the black coloration is unlike any Termite Pellets we have seen.  We will continue to research this matter and perhaps one of our readers has a better suggestion.

Unknown Black Pellets

Unknown Black Pellets

Update:  April 12, 2015
Thanks to a comment from Teri on a different posting, we believe this is a Rodent’s stash of Pokeweed seeds which are pictured on the Ohio Perennial & Biennial Weed Guide.

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Location: Massachusetts

16 Responses to Unknown Black Things found in Drawer probably Rodent’s Stash of Pokeweed Seeds

  1. Shannen says:

    I just found these same weird husks in the basement of my house. I live in Michigan. I found them in some duffle bags that were stored in a bag, in an open bag of stuffed animals and also in a drawer full of clothes. There were thousands of them. I found them first in the bag of stuffed animals about three weeks ago and I assumed they were chia seeds that had spilled ( I also stored a bag of dry goods down there). Then tonight when cleaning the basement I found more. I would love to know what they are! I’m so creeped out. They are only in the basement though.

    • bugman says:

      We hope to have an identity for what we believe to be seeds, possible stored by some critter, but at this time we still have no answers.

  2. lourdes says:

    I have same in my conneticut. Basement as well would love an answer

  3. Heather says:

    I have the exact same “weird” things in my home as well. First found a small pile on my sons bed in his toy room under some blankets, next in boxes from the cellar and now in my dresser drawer..they are very weird and I have found no one who knows what they are!! But they keep popping up everywhere!!!

    Please HELP US!!
    btw I am in Ohio…

  4. Debra Hoffman says:

    We are in the North GA mountains and have these also. Finding piles in filed clothes, drawers and even at the foot of our bed! Have looked up every bug, egg, and seed we could with no answers yet. Help! They are weird and I’ve never seen anything like this. We don’t have termites, mice or any ant or bug problem……what are they?

  5. teri says:

    I have these same things in my home first I found them in my daughters dresser but then a week or so later there is some on my sons dresser. I would really like to know what these are.

    • bugman says:

      We are relatively certain this is the food stash of a mouse or other rodent. We have thought this for quite some time, and we are pretty confident that insects are not behind these mysterious black seeds. Daniel’s mother, who feeds the birds in Ohio, recently discovered a stash of black oil seeds in her linen chest on the second floor, far from the bag of seeds which is in the basement.

  6. jonalee mills says:

    I have had these bugs for two years now and only at the kitchen sink and now at the stove. They crawl so it’s not a seed. I have tried several bug sprays but no help…..what are they and how do I get them out of my house?

  7. Charlene graver says:

    I also have them, and after some research, I believe they are seeds from my elderberry bush in the yard. But how they got in my bed stand is a mystery. I have a mouse up stairs that I am trying to catch, no luck there. To smart for me, no droppings or chewed items, just a huge pile of tiny seeds. Since it is early fall in Pa., I believe they are from each tiny berry.

    • Meg says:

      I have had these seeds for about two years. I trap for the field mice and when they are gone for a bit they don’t show up. I am in CT and I do believe the mice are stashing them away – so gross!

  8. Michael says:

    Guys, this is black slime mold. There’s a reason they’re turning up in basements and dressers. They form when their cells are allowed to group together undisturbed, usually in a damp dark environment, forming a sticky jelly like mass (usually reddish orange in color) you can touch and see (mostly when the surface it is on is painted white is when you can see the “jelly”).

    When conditions become unfavorable for them and they start running out of the cells of organic material to feed off of (like wood, paper, grass), they go through a self-sacrificing/self-preserving process where they organize themselves in branches, reaching away from their feeding source, eventually forming a small hardened ball, or spore, to preserve black slime mold cells inside like an escape pod. The cells forming the thin stalk die in the process.

    If they’re dry and rolling around, the self preserving process is complete. If they’re still sticking to the wood/material, the spores are in the process of forming.

    I’m not sure how to get rid of them, other than regular cleaning, and keeping the areas you find them bone dry and exposing them to sunlight I guess. I’m not sure if they’re toxic to hunans. Apparently they aren’t but I’d err on caution because I’m not a biologist.

    • kelsea says:

      Does black slime mold move? like crawl? because I swear these little balls that showed up in my basement (which we’ve had mold issues with before ) were moving ever so slightly.

    • STEPHEN ADLER says:

      That sure makes sense. we discovered them twice. The last one was in a towel, thousands of them, under a humidifier. I laid the towel there to keep the floor dry. A month ago I shut the humidifier off so they lost they source, They are tiny, round, hard look like beads. we live in the mountains of western NC.

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