Oak Timberworm

Unknown, Possibly a termite?
Location: Falling Waters, West Virginia
May 3, 2012 5:46 am
Hello,We have had a mild to moderate issue with medium-large sized black ants that I am assuming are ”carpenter” type ants. Then a larger bug appeared in my bed and I am wondering if it is a termite or some sort, and also what kind of ants are frequently making me use statements involving puns. They are ”bugging” me…The assumed termite is Dark Brown, roughly 3/4 of an inch long, has six legs, Yellow Stripes/Spots on back of abdomen and Thick Pincer type jaws, and is currently only moving when i turn on the light to my digital microscope…Hopefully my pictures will help. Isn’t it ironic that I can’t sleep with all these ants, and then i couldn’t find any live ants for the third picture? I try not to kill all of them but my chihuahuas must have gotten hungry haha. I look forward to your reply and thank you for your time
Signature: -Brandon D.

Oak Timberworm

Dear Brandon,
This is not a termite.  It is a Beetle, but we don’t know which beetle.  We will continue to research this matter.

Oak Timberworm

Ed. Note:  Thanks to a comment by Bugophile, we now know that this is an Oak Timberworm, a species of Weevil.

Eric Eaton provides some information
May 5, 2012
Yes, that is a “primitive weevil,” Arrhenodes minutus, and a male (females have a longer and much more slender “snout.”  The family is Brentidae, and most members are in the tropics.  The beetles are usually found under bark, or on the exterior of logs on overcast days or at dusk.


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    • Thanks so much for providing the identification on the Oak Timberworm, a species of Weevil as you have indicated. We suspected this might be a Weevil, but we ran out of time trying to identify it on BugGuide and needed to go to work. Thanks so much for the assistance.


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