Tumbling Flower Beetle

Subject: What’s that bug
Location: Columbus, OH
June 18, 2016 10:01 pm
Thank you for taking your time. I have a found a few bugs in my house and just want a professionals opinion on what they are. We both work in healthcare so bedbugs are a widespread concern.
Signature: Thank you, James

Unknown Beetle
Tumbling Flower Beetle

Dear James,
This is NOT a Bedbug, but we are not certain of its actual identity.  We presume it is very tiny.  We believe it is a beetle, and its long hind legs are quite curious.  Does it jump?  Our best guess is that it might be a Tumbling Flower Beetle in the family Mordellidae, and it looks the most like members of the Tribe Conaliini that are pictured on BugGuide.  It might also be a Flea Beetle with it most resembling the members of the Longitarsus Genus Group on BugGuide.  Why either of those two possibilities would be found in the home is most puzzling, which makes us speculate that this is either a small wood boring beetle or some species of food infesting beetle.  We will try to get Eric Eaton’s opinion.

Unknown Beetle
Tumbling Flower Beetle

Eric Eaton confirms Tumbling Flower Beetle
It is a tumbling flower beetle.  It could have flown into the house (they fly very well), or maybe come indoors on cut flowers or some other object.

Thank you for your quick reply. I assumed it was not a bed bug but would rather be safe than sorry. I then thought it was a flea from its hind legs, but I saw what looks like wings (or maybe just a split like a beetle on its back). They are tearing down a large forest near our house and have since gotten many different critters, bugs and snakes. Not to mention we have always been fighting lady bugs (or German beetles).
We have very little of a garden and if the only concern is flowers than I won’t treat. I guess my main concern is if it needs to be treated in regards to humans as I do have four kids.
They are very tiny. About the size of an adult flea. Which caused me concern as I do not look forward to treating for fleas. So I am hoping you can rule those out.
If there is anything I can do to help identify them, please let me know as you are doing me a huge favor.

Unknown Beetle
Tumbling Flower Beetle

Hi again James.
This is NOT a Flea.  Eric Eaton has confirmed that it is a Tumbling Flower Beetle, an outdoor species that somehow wandered into your home.

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