Unknown Beetle, possibly Skeletonizing Leaf Beetle

Bugged by this bug
Location: North Ease Pennsylvania
November 7, 2010 10:12 am
Started finding this but in various locations around the house. Started in late October, the house is in North East Pennsylvania. These little critters are everywhere in the house and found mostly in the kitchen. They don’t seem to be concentrated in any one location, near food or water etc.I need to placate the wife and identify her nemesis so it can be eliminated, hopefully.
Thanks for your help.
Signature: Timster

Unknown Beetle

Dear Timster,
We are sad to report that we do not recognize your beetle as any of the typical nuisance beetles that are found in the home, including Pantry Beetles or Carpet Beetles.  Your beetle more closely resembles the Skeletonizing Leaf Beetles, especially those in the tribe Luperini, based on our research on BugGuide. This group includes many agricultural pests.  Perhaps these outdoor beetles are seeking shelter because of the approaching cold weather.  We are requesting assistance from our readership with this identification.

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