Beetle With Humpy Back
Location: Singapore
March 4, 2012 5:27 pm
Hi again, but what is this curious looking beetle with strange bumps at its back. We sometimes see this during our outdoor trekking in one forest trail here. Thanks.
Signature: Antonio

Darkling Beetle

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Thanks. I understand. But can you possibly reply back if ever the bug is identified and is posted in your site, at least I would be notified. Thanks again. 🙂

Hi Antonio,
We do not recognize your Beetle, but we have posted the photo.  Leave a comment on the posting and you should be notified in the future if we receive a comment that identifies your fascinating creature.  It somewhat resembles a Leaf Beetle in the family Chrysomelidae, but we don’t believe that is correct.  Eric Eaton once wrote that if we are unsure of the family, a good bet to check is the Darkling Beetle family Tenebrionidae.  We are linking to both the BugGuide Leaf Beetle page and the BugGuide Darkling Beetle page even though Bugguide is a North American insect site.

Update:  November 2, 2015
We just received a comment from Dominik Hofer identifying this as
Phymatosum rufonotatum.  In addition to the FlickR link, it is also pictured on [email protected] Blog.

Location: Singapore

10 Responses to Darkling Beetle from Singapore

  1. Bugophile says:

    I was looking through some Singapore beetle photos, and while I didn’t see any matches, I did see some Fungus Beetles that had some funky formations on their elytra and they also had similar swellings on the shiny upper legs. Just my 2 cents (Canadian).

  2. Cesar Crash says:

    I thought I made a comment, it seems that I forgot sending it(!).
    There are three photos in this page and another one here:, but none of them gives us an ID.

  3. Bugophile says:

    Further searching led me to the Strohecker collection of Handsome Fungus Beetles: I didn’t find any exact matches, but I think Antonio’s beetle must at least be a cousin to one of these guys, or one of the other similar genera. Aside from the distribution of the bumps, the main differences I see are the striations on the elytra, and the fact that Antonio’s seems a little narrower through the abdomen.

  4. Cesar Crash says:

    Your images looks simmilar, Bugophile. The helitrum striation are present in the A. verrucosus. There is another genus, the cacodaemon, but the most of them or much more “spiny”. has an impressive collection of 1001 images of fungus beetles, many of them have the same protuberance in the helytrum. Spathomeles also call me the attention

  5. David says:

    This is a Darkling beetle.

  6. Dominik Hofer says:

    Tenebrionidae, Phymatosum rufonotatum.

  7. Dominik Hofer says:

    Tenebrionidae, Phymatosum rufonotatum.

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