Unknown Beautiful Moth from Florida

moth Ailanthus or Utetheisa morph?
While I was in Kinko’s waiting on my order I noticed this gorgeous moth sitting on a table in the store. The moth measured about 1/2" long. I checked your site and didn’t find a moth that matched it, nor did I find it in any of my insect reference books. I live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The moth was really quite stunning and I’m very interested in finding out what it is!! Thank you for your help, I know you’re swamped with requests. Just remember all of your efforts are greatly appreciated!

Hi Kara,
We tried for about 20 minutes to identify your gorgeous moth, and were unsuccessful. We think this might be one of the Ermine Moths related to the Ailanthus Webworm, but it might also be one of the Arctiids. Living in Florida, there is always the chance things will blow in from the tropics.

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