A weevil looking beetle with horny back
Hi. I looked through all your beetles and I think this one must be a "gorgojo" a type of Weevil from the family Curculionidae. I found it on my wheelie bin in the back yard. Atherton, Queensland, Australia, in the middle of the day. If you ever have time, can you let me know for sure. I see them from time to time. Pretty darn cute ( but I still don’t want to touch it!) Thanks, much appreciated,

Hi Susan,
This is a Weevil, but we do not know the species.

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  1. drtjhawkeswood says:

    This is a species of Leptopius, possibly undescribed if from northern Queensland. There are many species in this genus and there appears to be no new classification to work out the various species.

    Best regards, Trevor

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