Unknown Australian Moth is Fruit Piercing Moth

Help ID please or maybe Grev can help
Hi Guys,
this is a new one on me, I have never seen anything even close. This is a large moth, body about 1.5″ to 2′” long. It is an awkward erratic flyer and when in flight the wings appear orange/brown on the underside. When it
finds a roost it immediately swings upside down and folds its wings as shown.. I have looked on geocities and Australian Moths on line but I can’t find a match. Hope you can find a match for me. Taken 20th February 2008, Gold Coast, Queensland. Thanks for the research on those wasps, regards,
Trevor Jinks

Hi Trevor,
This is a most unusual moth. We will post your photos and hopefully someone can lead us to the correct species. The curving back of the wings is such a distinctive feature. We skimmed this Moth Site to no avail.

Update: (02/21/2008) ID found for the Moth
Thanks to Roger Kendrick from C & R Wildlife, the moth is a Eudocima salaminia, Noctuidae, Catocalinae. This link has all the info. http://www-staff.it.uts.edu.au/~don/larvae/cato/salamin.html Unfortunately this is a pest species for fruit so probably lots of these beautiful moths get poisoned. regards,

Update: (02/21/2008)
australian moth
Hi Daniel,
I had some luck with the last mystery moth, so, I’ve been looking for the mystery moth you posted the other day from Queensland. I think I’m on to it… If it’s not Eudocima salaminia, it’s got to be related to them, commonly the fruit piercing moths . Hope this helps you out, I’ve read how busy you both are. Here in CT there’s not much bugwatching to be done, we’re expecting some snow tomorrow. Take care,
Karen Oram, Shelton, CT

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