Ant in Luxor Egypt
Location:  Luxor Egypt
August 19, 2010 6:24 pm
My wife and I were walking around the Karnak temple in Luxor Egypt and kept running into these vicious looking ants. They seemed to have rather long legs and liked to keep their abdomen up in the air, looking more like a little scorpion than an ant at first sight. Couldn’t get a really good look at what it was trying to pull up from the ground there, but it was engaged in a mighty struggle to wrestle it from the ground. Please let us know what species of ant this might. Many thanks!
p.s. we saw the same ant near the pyramids in Giza as well.
horizon hunters

Possibly Cataglyphis Ant

Dear horizon hunters,
We are posting your image prior to securing an identification and we are hoping our readership may be able to assist.  Though we are running late and cannot browse at the moment, we suspect the Ants of Egypt website may contain the answer.

Location: Luxor, Egypt

9 Responses to Unknown Ant from Egypt may be Cataglyphis species

  1. lttlechkn says:

    Possibly Crematogaster scutellaris… The head in the photo looks vaguely red though I could be mistaken. The link shows depictions of the posture that is shown in the picture here.

    • bugman says:

      The head in the photo we posted does look vaguely reddish. Perhaps it is the camera exposure and lighting that makes it look different.

  2. sbewick says:

    I don’t think that it’s a Crematogaster… if I had to guess I would say it was a Cataglyphis species. Cataglyphis are heat tolerant ants that have exceptionally long legs and tend to hold their abdomens in the air in order to deal with hot ground temperatures.

  3. Omar says:

    Actually I live in Egypt and their heads are red,trust me I’e been bitten before and once or twice they lodged on pretty tight (which is probably why I could see their head so well. XD

  4. LUKE SMITH says:

    These are also all over Afghanistan.

  5. Ashley Cassidy says:

    They also live in Oman.

  6. Glenn O'Brien says:

    i have a colony of these ants here in Australia…they have a bright red head and can get very agitated when approached…they keep to themselves and i find them to be harmless compared to bull ants and jumping jacks…

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