Unidentified Weevil from Peru

blue mystery bug from peru
February 27, 2010
My son spotted this bug while we were out on a nature walk. It is a bright blue. While I’ve spent several hours searching your site for something similar, all I’ve found is the masked hunter (but I doubt it is this because there was absolutely nothing this color anywhere near where we were… no blue carpet :). It is similar in color to the blue-green citrus weevil, but it’s body doesn’t look like it as it’s rather bumpy. Just thought it’d be fun to identify it, though I didn’t imagine it would be this hard… 🙂
He was about 2cm in length and was crossing a dirt road near a farm of coconut trees. We live in ceja de selva (which is on the eastern slopes of the Andes, above true rainforest level).
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amy in peru
tarapoto, peru

Unknown Weevil

Hi Amy,
This is a Weevil.  Alas, we haven’t the time to research the species at the moment, but perhaps one of our readers will be able to identify the species.

thank you for getting back to me!  I have a request for a name in case it hasn’t been officially recognized…
my kids would like to call it the ‘turquoise blue tuttle beetle’… of course now that we know that it’s a weevil…
maybe it should be the ‘not-at-all-evil-blue-tuttle-weevil’ 🙂
anyway, thanks again 🙂
amy in peru

Hi again Amy,
You should post a comment to this posting to be informed automatically in the future of an identification.

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  1. Hi Amy. There are a staggering number of weevil species in the world (South America seems to be particularly rich), so identifying one is always a challenge. I believe yours is a Broad-nosed weevil (Curculionidae: Entiminae), possibly Compsus argyreus (tribe Eustylini), or at least some species in that genus. C. argyreus appears to be widespread across the northern half of South America, from the Pacific to the French Guyana. The links below will take you to two online photos, both with somewhat beat-up looking museum specimens (yours looks a lot nicer). K




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