Unidentified True Bug Nymphs from Thailand

Subject:  Devilish looking bug
Geographic location of the bug:  Thailand, Koh Tao
Date: 09/18/2017
Time: 04:36 AM EDT
Hi there!
I put word out into our community here on Koh Tao to identify this bug but no one seems to know. There were 4 bugs on the floor and about 8 in a group on my fly screen a bit hidden. Outside i found a dead dragon fly + big beetle. They didn’t move at all and as i swept them outside once on their back their legs moved. What are these things? Thank you so much
How you want your letter signed:  Naomi Klein

True Bug Nymphs

Dear Naomi,
These are True Bug nymphs in the suborder Heteroptera, but we do not recognize the family.  We did not locate any matching images online, so we will post them as unidentified True Bug nymphs.

Thank you guys! Nobody seems to know what these are. Are true bug nymphs harmless for humans and pets?
Kind regards
Most are harmless to people and pets.  Blood-sucking Conenose Bugs are an exception, but these are not those.

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